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Lead the children you love to a quiet, calm place with Be Still. By memorizing Psalm 46:10, kids learn to slow down… shhhh… rest … and remember the simple and profound truth that He is God. By the end of the book, grown ups will remember, too. M I Can leads kids to memorize Philippians 4:13, a great life-verse that has the power to encourage, strengthen, inspire and give hope at any age. In a world that sometimes says otherwise, God tells us plainly we really can do all things in Him. M Little ones learn the importance of gratitude by memorizing 136:1. Give Thanks reminds children and adults alike that there is always something for which to be grateful, and teaches the eternal truth that no matter what, God is good. M A daddy gets the very special job of seeing his little girl as a royal princess. In I’d Be Your Princess a father gets to share his adoration, while encouraging his daughter to grow in the godly characteristics that will truly make her beautiful. M Mothers and sons have a special bond early on, one generally built around mud puddles, gigantic frogs, and lots of skinned knees. This story celebrates the rough and tumble fun of having a boy, while allowing moms to guide their little guys in the godly traits that matter most. M I write about family, faith and friendship in this crazy world, and how all of it is pretty darn impossible without the goodness and grace of a loving God.

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My husband and I were new parents in need of rest. We filled our suitcases full of baby gear for our 19-month-old, Connor, and headed to my parents’ vacation condo — my parents’ very nice, very new condo. It seemed like a good idea at the time... [Read More] Summertime is all about being outside, but every so often wet weather dampens our fun in the sun. When sunscreen and swimsuits are scattered by a sudden storm, don’t let a few showers rain on your summer parade... [Read More] Who is Kathryn O'Brien? 1. Bad cook (no, like really bad).
2. Educator (since ’91).
3. Author/Writer/Blogger.
4. Chocolate enthusiast. Anywhere. Anytime.
5. Jesus follower.
6. Breast cancer survivor.
7. Friend. Love my gals.
8. Hiker/Runner/Biker (if nothing’s on TV).
9. Wife/Partner in Crime.
10. Mom (my favorite part of me).
Here’s me in kindergarten, at the beginning of my love affair with books, my obvious flair for fashion (see swanky green barrette), and my lifelong battle with curls. …leaving me with a house full of empty rooms, a whole lot of extra time and somewhat of an identity crisis. I’m getting over it with new hobbies like traveling, rediscovering the art of dating my husband and the constant pursuit of new hiking trails. I live in Southern California with my better half, where the pretty weather (usually) makes up for the crazy cost, major traffic and need for earthquake drills. After two decades of All-Things-Mommy, my kids had the nerve to grow up and leave the nest… Smooth or rocky, the road of life is always busy, especially with kids. I wrote the Sit for a Bit Series so moms of little ones could stop, rest, and lead their children in the right direction as they grow. And boy, do they grow fast. At times the road of life is easy, a peaceful stroll down a sunny path. But things can get rough, an uphill climb under stormy skies. And holy running shoes, can it be tiring. If your road today feels lonely, confusing or downright difficult, keep going. Persevere. You never know what’s just around the corner. We walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7)
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