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Smart Charts by Kathryn 

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Why Differentiate?
ALL kids are on different learning paths...
they crawl, walk, talk, read and learn
at different stages and different ways. 
Differentiating means meeting a child at his/her individual level. ALL Smart Charts offer THREE options for learners of all ability levels! 

What is a Smart Chart?

Also called graphic organizers

or thinking maps,

Smart Charts by Kathryn are engaging

workmats designed to help children

improve reading comprehension AND come with BUILT-IN DIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS    


Smart Charts help children to

  • organize thoughts

  • visualize text

  • construct ideas

  • sequence information

  • brainstorm ideas,

  • plan what to write

  • make inferences,

  • predict outcomes

  • process problems and solutions, 

  • compare and contrast 

  • show cause and effect...and more!


All Smart Charts...

  • have built-in discreet differentiation ideas for learners of all ability levels


                  = Support Needed (Star) 



                  = Progress on Track (Planet)                 



                  = Ready for Challenge (Rocket)                                                                                   


  • can be used by teachers in whole class instruction, small group, centers, one-on-one or paired learning.

  • can be used by parents, grandparents or caregivers at home to strengthen learning gaps of those who need additional support or offer enrichment for students ready for a challenge.

  • are CCSS-aligned.


Click to download PDF's

CCSS: RL.K.1, RI.K.1, RL.1.1, RI.1.1, RL.2.1, RI.2.1
More Smart Charts coming! 
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