packing boxAll over the country, mini-microwaves, anti-allergen mattress covers and hanging shoe organizers are getting purchased. College-bound kids are getting roomies. And mothers are getting nervous.

If you happen to be one of those moms… you know, white-knuckle grip on the shopping cart wandering the aisles at Target, fighting back tears, asking yourself major life questions like Where did the time go? What color shower caddy would he like best? Will she want powder or liquid laundry detergent? … Have no fear. You’ve got this.

I know you’ve got this because you’ve done it before. Even if this is your first kid headed to college, you already have just the right practice for a successful freshman launch. It was a dozen or so years ago… same adventure, different name… you sent your baby to kindergarten. So relax, it’s going to be fine. You know just what to do…

You know how to prepare. The supply list has changed, but the idea’s the same. Goodbye extra-large CrayolafirstdayK 48-pack, hello extra-long twin sheet set. Although you’re trading safety scissors and glue sticks for power cords and cold medicine, your child is still counting on your guidance and direction (not to mention your debit card) to get ready. Sure, you’ll be arranging stuff into a dorm room instead of a Hello Kitty backpack, but your preparation skills are required just the same.

 You know what to say. It’s a brand new world out there. Not unlike the kindergarten playground, a new university campus is totally unfamiliar, completely overwhelming and downright scary. They hide it better at eighteen than they did at five, but they’re as nervous as you are. Luckily, you know exactly what they need to hear: “You can do this. It’s going to be great. You’re going to be great.” Save your own anxious worries for hubby or girlfriends, put on a brave face and do what you do best… reassure, support and encourage your kid.

 You know you will survive The Big Day– For weeks you thought about it. The First Day of Kindergarten. So happy. So sad. So proud. You took pictures. You hugged. You cried. And then, suddenly, it was time to say goodbye. You missed your child so much it hurt. But then, you were okay. Now, another Big Day. You’ll be happy. And sad. And proud. You’ll take pictures. You’ll hug. You’ll cry. And then, suddenly, it will be time to say goodbye. You will miss your child so much it hurts. But then, you know you’ll be okay.

 coloringYou know how to let go. Kindergarten meant making choices. Decisions. Friends. Without you. But they did it. They figured it out. They made some mistakes. They met new people. They learned from their experience. You saw how good it was for them. Growing up and growing into who they were meant to be. So here we go again. Dorm life. Freedom. Independence. Choices. Decisions. Without you. But you know how much they will learn. You know how good this is for them.

 You know the most important thing. You wanted to follow your child into that kindergarten classroom, sit down in Circle Time and clap along to the color song. But you couldn’t. You were left with nothing to do but trust. Trust that God would cover your baby with protection and blessing. Trust that He loved your child even more than you do. You were forced to release your little one and believe that He would protect and bless and guide. And then wait for the end of day to hear all about it. Time to trust, again. Time to release and believe.

And then wait to hear all about it.