Hey Girlfriend,

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks. I’m grateful for you. I love you. And in case I’ve never officially told you any of this, here’s why…

  1. You get me. You understand my insecurities. You can relate to my bouts with hormonal instability. You’re able to fully grasp my battles with bloating, wrinkles and worrying. We share the same colossal love for our families. And I never have to explain to you why I need more shoes.
  2. You drag me out of the doldrums. When I get the blahs and don’t really feel like it,especially when I don’t feel like it, you know how to lift me up. You remind me that taking life too seriously is always a bad idea and you prove over and over that laughter is truly the best medicine. And chocolate.
  3. You allow me to be me. The real me. Even the embarrassing stuff. Even the yucky stuff. Those things that make me feel alone or weird or different. You listen. And then, to top it all off, you don’t judge me. That’s superhero territory, sister.
  4. You turn me back to faith. Those encouraging words you speak. That Bible verse you tuck into a note. The text or email that gently puts me on track, back to Jesus. You remind me of my blessings. You urge me to trust in God. You direct me to His love.
  5. You lie at just the right time. When my hair is in serious need of a cut and color. When I experiment with the wrong eyebrow pencil. When I look nothing less than ridiculous in a shirt from my teenage daughter’s closet. You still tell me I’m cute. You’re amazing.
  6. You let me vent. You know that when I’m ticked about something I don’t really mean half the stuff that comes out of my mouth. But you let me say it. You are a safe place. You let me spill my heart all over you and you don’t even mind how messy it gets.
  7. You forgive me. Because sometimes I make mistakes. I do something dumb. I say something stupid. But when I tell you I’m sorry and you tell me it’s okay, we both mean it. It’s gone forever. You don’t hold it against me or bring it up later. Priceless.

So, girlfriend, for the record, thank you. For everything you do and all that you mean to me, thanks. I’m here for you, too. Share with the friends in your life you can’t imagine life without.